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Visit Tulum

Aside from the ruins, Tulum has much to offer the accidental tourist. A 45-minute drive from Playa del Carmen, Tulum (population 10,000) is divided into three separate sections: the Mayan ruins, the hotel zone and the pueblo.

Tulum near Playa del Carmen

The Ruins

Tulum is mostly known for its majestic ruins, which strike an impressive image next to the sea. The site is notable for a small cenote (albeit dry during Jan 2009), beautiful beach below the ruin laden cliffs and some well preserved stellae in one of its structures. It is best visited on a clear, bright day or at sunrise. Bring your swimming suit.

The Pueblo

Tulum Pueblo sits split by highway 307 running South-North. "El Pueblo", as referred to by locals, is home to most workers of the tourist industry and where many of the stores, supermarkets, two bus stations, inns, hostels and small hotels are found. This section of town has a definite feel of existing mostly to cater to the Tulum ruins. Tulum pueblo is indeed a destination for shopping, great restaurants, a modest night life, booking tours, banking, shopping for food, local vegetables, fruits, cafes, and local flavor.

The Beach Zone

Go to the beach zone for a nice lunch or drinks on the beach. For a listing of restaurants in Tulum, check out Trip Advisor